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Legal experts say the case could have sweeping, if unintended, consequences, making it harder to both prosecute well-heeled officials and also appoint qualified defense lawyers to complex cases involving indigent defendants. A third special prosecutor who was added to the Paxton case after his indictment has since asked to be dropped from it. Paxton, it seems, would rather watch his case implode from the comfort of his own backyard.

Michael Barajas is a staff writer covering civil rights for the Observer. Lavinia Masters Is Ending That. This Scientist Wants to Change That. Merwin, Honorary Texan. Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks at a news conference in Dallas in Do you think free access to journalism like this is important? The Quiet Observer Entertainment Website.

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The Ultimate Observer shared a post. In short, actions can succeed or fail — or fall anywhere between absolute success and abject failure.

What is Choice? What is Observation?

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The Ultimate Observer is the lens through which a world is examined. But examined by who or what? Is science the world observing itself? What does observation mean, if there is no real observer? The Ultimate Maker is the spark that triggers future conflagrations of its own making.

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The Ultimate Observer lives in a certainty vouchsafed by the orderliness of the world as observed. This is the world of determinism. The Ultimate Maker lives in perpetual uncertainty, for it continually sets its limited powers into play against the far larger powers of the world as observed. This is the world of choice. Evolution is a form of trial-and-error — random mutation within gene pools — whose purely accidental and deterministic products are sifted by natural selection, according as they are advantageous or disadvantageous for the survival of the pattern that replicates the organism whether in the individual or in the collective.

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Evolution is the deterministic precursor of choice, rewarding good accidents with survival, while punishing bad accidents with death and extinction. The power of choice, the power to envision alternative futures and select them for the advantages they offer the chooser whether single or collective , was a good evolutionary accident, rewarded with survival.

It gave an individual and its species the power to improve upon trial-and-error while retaining trial-and-error as a fallback, when deliberation draws a blank in selecting advantageous future scenarios over disadvantageous ones. Observation can approach certainty because it records the existing world.

Choice lives in uncertainty because it is creating a new world around itself and its perceived needs. That new world is subject-centered and is studied through the subject-centered perspectives of ethics, the arts, the human sciences, and history.